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We offer a wide range of HDPE polyethylene products for the food industry, such as HDPE polyethylene shredders, HDPE polyethylene countertops, butcher block tops, HDPE polyethylene work tables, polyethylene cupboards and sinks, bakery worktops, display trays, polyethylene presentation trays, etc., designed for efficiency and hygiene in food processing. Practical, durable solutions tailored to the rigorous requirements of the industry.

produse din plastic pentru industria alimentară, blaturi din plastic, tocătoare din plastic, polietilenă, HDPE

HDPE polyethylene countertops/cutting boards and kitchen utensils, ideal for any kitchen; used in restaurants, dining rooms, canteens, bakeries, pizzerias, etc.

  • Approved in the food industry.
  • They are non-toxic being physiologically amorphous.
  • Long lifespan.
  • They do not absorb water.
  • Antibacterial.
  • It doesn't crack.
  • It doesn't dull the knife.

Butcher blocks and worktables with polyethylene tops can be supplied with steel, stainless steel or plastic stands. The worktop used is made of high density polyethylene PE300, PE500 or PE1000.